Kuwait society of engineers and Kuwait University

Project Type

Event Management Website for an International Workshop


Workshop Details

Comprehensive display of workshop information, including schedules, speakers, and event details.

Registration and Online Fee Payment

Integrated system for participant registration and fee payments, featuring multiple pricing tiers applied dynamically according to participant type.

Attendance Tracking With a QR Code System

Automated QR code generation for participants to manage and track entry to the workshop.

Multi-Step Research Paper Submission

Forms facilitating a multi-step process for research paper submissions, ensuring efficient handling.

Web Email Creation

Creation of domain emails for workshop communications, maintaining a professional correspondence channel.

My Role

  • Collaborated in outlining the event registration and attendance logistics, ensuring a smooth participant experience.
  • Handled all technical aspects of the event, including website development, QR code system implementation, and submission form functionality.
  • Designed and developed the website, incorporating features for workshop details, registration, and research paper submissions.
  • Established and managed domain emails for effective and professional workshop communications.